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The Next Phase!

PGK Clubhouse Members who complete their Power Learning Apps become PGK Junior Whiz Kids.

Junior Whiz Kids have access to PGK Academy Learning Modules and Quizzes, which puts them on a path to becoming PGK Whiz Kids.

PGK Whiz Kids have access to PGK Fun Stuff Rewards as well as Fun Stuff Lottery Quizzes (when available), which makes them eligible to win even more valuable Rewards and Prizes for themselves and their families!

More about PGK Clubhouse Memberships

PGK Clubhouse memberships are available for free to children who participate in Sponsored PGK Youth Power Building Initiatives such as Adopt-A-Program campaigns.

Memberships are also available to the children of parents who browse online and purchase PGK products as well as to children who participate in select PGK online and offline events where registrations are available.

Children receive their Sponsored PGK Clubhouse Memberships only when their parents complete, online or offline, the required registration forms.

Other children receive their memberships by default when their parents purchase a PGK Product.

Initial benefits available to PGK Clubhouse members include:

  • Access to featured interactive Power Learning Tools and Modules
  • A complimentary PGK Golden Ticket NFT, which serves as a lifetime lottery ticket for:
    • Gifts
    • Scholarships
    • Other opportunities for children and their families
  • Educational Songs From PGK Music Box
  • And, highly valuable and sought after PGK Big Prize Tokens