Princess Promise Regional Pride NFT - Midwest

From the Great Lakes to the Great Plains the American Midwest is known for the adventurous, pioneering and straightforward spirit of its people. The Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio and Tennessee rivers - arteries that for centuries have carried the lifeblood of American industry and cultural innovation from the Midwest to the rest of the nation - are themselves symbols for the dependability and strength of the people who give and take life from their waters and the lands they enrich.


Join PGK's Young Princess Promise of the planet Rahm, a girl of great strength and adventurous character, as she celebrates the American Midwest and its people. Invest in this exclusive PGK Regional Pride NFT and help Princess Promise empower kids in the "American Heartland."

More About Princess Promise

On the Planet Rahm

in the Kingdom of Krawen

in the 1774½ A.E. Rahmian cycle (7098 C.E. Ert Time).


Even though rumors of strange events occurring outside the Kingdom of Krawen swirled about, another two-and-a-half cycles (ten Ert years) would pass before young Princess Promise would become the legendary freedom fighter known as Kez-Shey Bellar - “She who would not let it be”.


Now at only one-and-three-quarter cycles of age (seven Ert years) Promise and her closest friends, Gabrielle and Tiki, support one another in fantastic adventures, learning valuable life lessons from each other, Promise's father King Barrick, and his longtime friends General Jaspari and Marshall U-Hotek. In the time of Promise's youth, questions will arise… Will Promise ever learn of her brothers Princes Justice, Power and Sincere and her father's controversial decision to send them away?


Each Adventures of Young Princess Promise storybook will give younger Krawen Chronicles fans exclusive access to pivotal clues that unveil mysteries and reveal secrets relevant to the teen and adult stories.


Children of Ert…

We bring you the Krawen Chronicles

and the

Adventures of Young Princess Promise


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These diverse marketing strategies and sales channels are designed to increase Princess Promise's national and global popularity, which will provide the owners of Young Princess Promise NFTs with sound investment opportunities.


Princess Promise is currently featured in the following PGK Products, Services and Programs:


  • The Adventures of Young Princess Promise Storybook or Activity Book (Vol. 1)
  • The Adventures of Young Princess Promise Storybook or Activity Book, Spanish Edition (Vol. 1)
  • PGK Crypto
    • Princess Promise is a major character featured in PGK NFTs, including Regional Pride NFT Collectibles


  • PGK Adopt-A-Program Youth Empowerment Initiatives, which are sponsored by the nonprofit PGK Scholarship in Education Fund and include the following:
    • Coding
    • Environment
    • Financial Literacy
    • Health & Fitness
    • Language Learning
    • Literacy
    • Performing & Creative Arts
    • Vocational Trades


  • Young Princess Promise stars in recurring segments of PG the Kangaroo's Promiseland Park Adventures coming soon from PGKTV

Introducing Children and Their Parents to the Emerging Cryptocurrency & NFT Ecosystem

In keeping with our mission to empower children, we at PGK have established a focused, long-term campaign to introduce children and their parents to the emerging cryptocurrency and NFT ecosystem. It should be noted that this ecosystem isn't on its way. It's already here, and it's growing.


PGK creates and sells a wide variety of PGK branded NFTs and not just for the rich and famous or traders of digital art. Many of our NFTs are donated by PGK Youth Empowerment Initiative Sponsors. In fact, a Golden Ticket NFT comes with every purchase of a PGK product. PGK NFTs provide children and parents, including those who live in technologically underserved communities with the following opportunities:

  • Affordable access to NFT investment opportunities
  • Exposure to the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem and associated technological advances
  • Exposure to cutting-edge business practices, new career opportunities, and future areas of study


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