Adventures of Young Princess Promise Poster

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Before she was the legendary freedom fighter Kez-Shey Bellar - "She who would not let it be" - Promise was a young princess who learned valuable life lessons about teamwork, courage, loyalty, respect and dignity side-by-side with her friends Gabrielle and Tiki. Future adventures concerning her destiny would be shaped by the lives, choices and circumstances surrounding her father King Barrick, his lifelong friends General Jaspari and Marshall U-Hotek, and her mysteriously absent brothers Princes Justice, Power and Sincere.

Children of Ert… We bring you the Adventures of Young Princess Promise!

Poster is available in the following sizes:

  • 8½" × 11"
  • 11" × 17"
  • 18" × 24"
  • 24" × 36"

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