PGK is comprised of

  • A Nonprofit Scholarship In Education Fund
  • A Robust E-commerce platform
  • An Independent Online and Offline Distribution Company that has
    • Local,
    • Regional,
    • National and International Reach

as well as, Multiple Businesses that work together to

  • Develop
  • Produce
  • Promote
  • and Sell
    • Children’s Books
    • Learning Apps
    • Apparel
    • Community Empowerment Programs
    • and Other Products and Merchandise.

All of these Products and Merchandise include very unique Special Features…

  • A PGK Clubhouse Membership
  • Membership in a Global Community of Children and Their Families

Opportunities to win or be awarded  

  • Scholarships
  • Gifts
  • Rewards

and Experiences that Inspire Children to Embrace Learning and Accomplishment throughout their Childhoods