First and Foremost We Empower Children:

Beginning with the Fact that All PGK Products include Free Added-value Items that

are Attached Digitally

or are accessible through Free Online Accounts

Free Added-value Items include access to…

Additional Power Learning Tools

Other Memberships

and a Tokenized Points Reward System that’s based on How Much a Child



Shows Responsible Behavior

Respects their Parents

Respects Teachers

and, finally… Achieves

and all of this, with Parental Guidance, is Designed

to Support what Kids learn in School

to be Included in Classes

or Utilized for Home Study

PGK Youth Power Building Initiatives include:



Language Learning

Financial Literacy

Health & Fitness

Performing & Creative Arts

Vocational Trades


The Environment



All PGK products, whether for children or their family members, come with PGK Power Learning Tools, which include the following Free Added-value Items:

An Interactive Mini or Full Version App (depending on the product)

A PGK Clubhouse Membership, which includes…

A PGK NFT Vault - Powered by Datavault Technologies, which includes…

A Lifetime Lottery Golden Ticket NFT

Access to PGK Big Prize Tokens

A Song or Album from PGK Music Box (depending on the product)