• First and Foremost We Empower Children:

Beginning with the Fact that All PGK Products include Free Added-value Items that are Attached Digitally, or are accessible through Free Online Accounts.

Free Added-value Items include access to…

  • Additional Power Learning Tools
  • Other Memberships
  • and a Tokenized Points Reward System that’s based on How Much a Child
    • Learns
    • Participates
    • Shows Responsible Behavior
    • Respects their Parents
    • Respects Teachers
    • and, finally… Achieves

and all of this, with Parental Guidance, is Designed

  • to Support what Kids learn in School
  • to be Included in Classes
  • or Utilized for Home Study

PGK Youth Power Building Initiatives include:


  • Literacy
  • Language Learning
  • Financial Literacy
  • Health & Fitness
  • Performing & Creative Arts
  • Vocational Trades
  • Coding
  • The Environment

All PGK products, whether for children or their family members, come with PGK Power Learning Tools, which include the following Free Added-value Items:

  • An Interactive Mini or Full Version App (depending on the product)
  • A PGK Clubhouse Membership, which includes…
    • A PGK NFT Vault - Powered by Datavault Technologies, which includes…
      • A Lifetime Lottery Golden Ticket NFT
      • Access to PGK Big Prize Tokens
      • And a Song or Album from PGK Music Box (depending on the product)