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PGK Community Engagement Fundraisers

Promiseland Global Kids is committed to creating cutting-edge products that combine education and entertainment in ways that inspire children to learn. PGK is now offering non-profit organizations such as:

  • charter schools
  • private schools
  • day cares
  • churches
  • sports teams and clubs
  • high school and private school student organizations

access to our unique line of children’s “edutainment” products for the purpose of raising funds at no cost to themselves and no obligation to purchase any PGK products or services.


PGK Lifestyle Specialists who coordinate PGK No-Cost, Community Enrichment Fundraisers receive 5% (Gross) of all revenue generated.

PGK Lifestyle Associates who directly recruit or refer the Specialists who are responsible for generating these transactions will receive 3% (Gross) of all revenue generated during the transaction.

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