The most innovative feature of PGK educational tools, books, activewear and other products is that whether they're bundled or individual items they're all enhanced by the inclusion of songs from PGK Music Box. These songs, sung by beloved PGK characters, entertain and teach children life lessons in the areas of basic academic skills, character development, personal care, and care for our environment. PGK Audio also include PGK Action Adventures from PGK Books or PGK Activewear.


PGK’s Interactive Audio Products

Products, Services and Programs

This is big - a huge PGK innovation and perhaps every PGK Lifestyle Associate's greatest selling point! 

All PGK products - all educational tools, all books, all "Easy Learning" Apps, all apparel items, all toys - ALL products - come with audio, either Songs from PGK Music Box and/or Action Adventures from PGK Books or PGK Activewear. This unique strategy and the ability to fulfill it gives PGK a differential advantage over our competitors.

Again… ALL PGK Products come with audio!

As stated earlier, all PGK products, programs and services also incorporate all or most of PGK's four (4) elements and are interactive.

Children of all grade levels are constantly self-replenishing communities that come along every year with the same educational needs and desires to be entertained. Because of this, PGK products, services and programs are created in a spirit of longevity and enduring value. For example the producers and writers of PGK’s family oriented music take on the challenge of creating timeless songs that enhance children’s educational and social development while avoiding the use of trendy clichés that shorten a song's shelf life.

With this spirit of value PGK moves forward in the hopes of having a positive influence on the children, teens, parents, guardians, teachers, caregivers and communities we seek to serve.



PGK Business Groups - The Providers of PGK Products, Services and Programs

PGK's vision of creating products, services and programs that support its mission finds expression in the work done by its for-profit Business Groups. The following are PGK's autonomous for-profit Business Groups:

  • Active Business Groups:
    • PGK Clubhouse Megastore (
    • PGK Music Box
    • PGK Educational Tools
    • PGK Books
    • PGK Activewear


PGK Services

PGK's No Cost Community Enrichment Fundraisers

Promiseland Global Kids is committed to creating cutting-edge products that combine education and entertainment in ways that inspire children to learn. PGK is now offering non-profit organizations such as:

  • charter schools
  • private schools
  • day cares
  • churches
  • sports teams and clubs
  • high school and private school student organizations

access to our unique line of children’s “edutainment” products for the purpose of raising funds at no cost to themselves and no obligation to purchase any PGK products or services.

PGK Programs

Adopt-A-Program to Read


Benefits of participating in an Adopt-a-Program to Read campaign include:

  • Promoting literacy among the children in your community
  • Extensive community outreach that maximizes participation and leverages media attention for you and your organization
  • Enhanced standing as an community engagement leader and influential philanthropist
  • A favorable tax deductible status

Adopt-A-Program for Health


Designed to support PGK’s Health & Fitness Community Initiative, Dental Hygiene Audio Smart-Kit features PGK-themed artwork and critical information on the importance of children maintaining good dental hygiene. Its components include: a dental hygiene workbook containing lessons, crosswords, mazes and other puzzles that feature PGK trademarked characters.

A critical mechanism for expanding PGK's (Promiseland Global Kids') mission is the PGK Future Moguls Initiative.

Our business model and business practices are also designed so that every PGK Lifestyle Associate has access to nearly unlimited income creation and career advancement. There are no caps on the amount of money you can make with PGK, and the only job you can't ever have is President of the Law Global Enterprises Holdings Company - PGK's managing company.

That said, later in 2020 we will introduce PGK's Future Moguls Program through which we will begin recruiting and developing candidates for upper level management positions in all of PGK's Business Groups - positions that include CEOs, CFOs and CTOs.

Scholarships from the PGK Scholarship In Education Fund

Private School, High School, Day Care and Summer Camp Scholarships

Now, take a look at our Featured Audio Products and Audio Brand Collections

Consider a new Career as a PGK Lifestyle Recruiter!

Strategically recruit and onboard PGK Lifestyle Associates who specialize as...

  • PGK Lifestyle Sales Personnel

  • Authors

  • Producers

  • Songwriters

  • Designers

  • Performers

  • Certified Teachers who design lessons for the PGK Educational Tools Business Group

  • Future Moguls Candidates who will be trained to become the future leaders and possibly equity owners of PGK Businesses

  • New Products to be distributed through the PGK Distribution & Sales system.

  • PGK Lifestyle Talent Scouts

  • Recruiters

You can earn unlimited income receiving monthly percentages the revenue generated by all the people you recruit, in any category!