Do you have strong relationships in your community through education, athletics, business, or your local municipality?

Are you a community activist?

Then help to further strengthen your community as a PGK Community Engagement Specialist.

The PGK Scholarship In Education Fund - The Nonprofit Arm of PGK

Awarding Private School, High School, Day Care and Summer Camp Scholarships

The Community Engagement Sales Channel

The PGK Community Engagement Sales Channel serves to sell and distribute products and services that directly support PGK Youth Empowerment Initiatives and their associated campaigns. The PGK Youth Empowerment Initiatives - the cornerstone of PGK's vision - are as follows:

  • Literacy
  • Health & Fitness
  • Performing & Creative Arts
  • The Environment
  • Multilingual Education
  • S.T.E.A.M.
    • Science
    • Technology
    • Engineering
    • Arts
    • Mathematics
  • Business & Economics


PGK's Community Engagement Sales Channel is the pathway through which community strengthening relationships between Sponsor organizations and Recipient organizations are established and managed and their associated products and services distributed. Sponsor organizations include corporations, local businesses, government organizations, philanthropists, and any other group or individual who has an interest in seeing their communities’ children and themselves benefit from their participation in PGK Youth Empowerment Initiatives.


Recipient organizations are youth caregivers such as schools, day care centers, faith-based organizations, arts academies, youth sports leagues, etc. whose children stand to benefit from their participation in PGK Youth Empowerment Initiatives.


The purpose of PGK Community Engagement is to strengthen communities by strengthening the foundations on which their children's lives are built. One way we do this is through our Adopt-A-Program to Read campaign which exists to support PGK's Youth Empowerment Literacy Initiative.

PGK Community Engagement Campaigns

PGK'S Adopt-A-Program to Read Campaign

Benefits of participating in an Adopt-a-Program to Read campaign include:

  • Promoting literacy among the children in your community
  • Extensive community outreach that maximizes participation and leverages media attention for you and your organization
  • Enhanced standing as an community engagement leader and influential philanthropist
  • A favorable tax deductible status

PGK'S Adopt-A-Program for Health Campaign

Designed to support PGK’s Health & Fitness Community Initiative, Dental Hygiene Audio Smart-Kit features PGK-themed artwork and critical information on the importance of children maintaining good dental hygiene. Its components include: a dental hygiene workbook containing lessons, crosswords, mazes and other puzzles that feature PGK trademarked characters.

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