The PGK Future Moguls Initiative

A critical mechanism for expanding PGK's mission is the PGK Future Moguls Initiative. This is Law Cunningham's - president and CEO of the Law Global Enterprises Holdings Company - plan to develop a core of "home-grown" talent as the future leaders of all Law Global owned businesses, including all PGK Business Groups.

  • Future Moguls Candidates
    • PGK Activewear Executive Interns
    • PGK Books Executive Interns
    • PGK Concert Promotions Executive Interns
    • PGK Clubhouse Megastore Executive Interns
    • PGK Educational Tools Executive Interns
    • PGK Films Executive Interns
    • PGK Merchandising Executive Interns
    • PGK Music Box Executive Interns
    • PGK Music Publishing Executive Interns
    • PGK Toys Executive Interns
    • PGKTV Executive Interns
    • Law Global Enterprises Holdings Company (Corporate Office

The PGK Future Moguls Initiative...

... is a merit based program that eliminates nepotism and cronyism in order to provide equal opportunity and compensation to committed, driven, ethical and professional individuals who seek to empower youth, strengthen communities, and benefit from true entrepreneurial opportunities as provided by PGK.

In 2020 PGK will introduce the Future Moguls Initiative through which Future Moguls Candidates will be recruited for upper level management positions in the Law Global Enterprises Holdings Company and all PGK Business Groups - positions that include COOs, CMOs, CFOs, and CTOs. Candidates who sustain the highest levels of consistent production and achievement could qualify to be CEOs.

Access to qualify for the positions listed above...

... does not guarantee that Future Moguls Candidates will be confirmed in those particular positions. Regarding upper level management positions, Law Global Enterprises Holdings reserves the right in all cases to hire from outside its businesses.

That said, all PGK Future Moguls Candidates will receive the full support, mentorship and access needed to give them true and fair opportunities to qualify for these highest of upper level management positions. It should also be noted that diversity, gender equality and inclusion are staples of PGK's business culture.

During their Internships...

... PGK Future Moguls Candidates are required to function as Sales Specialists, Recruiters, or Directors. They are compensated in accordance with all applicable commission structures. Future salaries and benefits will be based on the financial performance and funding of each Law Global Enterprises Division or PGK Business Group.

PGK Lifestyle Associates who recruit or refer candidates who qualify for the Future Moguls Initiative receive a 5% total gross revenue Recruitment Bonus on all sales generated by those candidates for as long as they are interning or are confirmed as executives. Lifestyle Associates also earn a 0.5% total gross revenue commission on sales generated by recruits of their Future Moguls Candidates who specialize in recruitment.

Our Business Model and Practices...

...are also designed so that every PGK Lifestyle Associate has access to nearly unlimited income creation and career advancement. There are no caps on the amount of money you can make with PGK, and the only job you can't ever have is President of the Law Global Enterprises Holdings Company - PGK's managing company.


All PGK Lifestyle Associates are compensated through customized Commissions Packages that include a combination of the following:

  • Sales Commissions
  • Social Media Support Commissions
  • Referral bonuses
  • Recruitment Commissions
  • Talent Discovery Commissions
  • Product Discovery Commissions
  • Talent Discovery Royalties


Commission, Bonus and Royalty Terminology

A Gross revenue commission, bonus or royalty is a percentage of revenue paid before the production and distribution costs are subtracted from the total revenue amount.


A Net revenue commission, bonus or royalty is a percentage of revenue paid after production and distribution costs are subtracted from the total (gross) revenue amount.


A Flat commission, bonus or royalty is a per unit sold payment rate that is not based on a percentage of revenue.


Basic PGK Commission Structure

The basic Commission Structure for all PGK Lifestyle Associates is as follows:

  • Offline Sales
    • 20% gross commission on all sales
    • 5% gross Social Media Support commission
    • 3% gross Direct Referrals commission
    • 5% gross Future Moguls Direct referral bonus
    • All Board of Education and Private Educational Networks commissions are 10% of the gross revenue

Commission Specifics

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What Does PGK Actually Sell...

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