PGK Sales Specialists

A PGK Sales Specialist is a PGK Lifestyle Associate who specializes in a particular area of sales. Even though they have a specific area of responsibility they are also free to make sales through multiple Sales Channels. Examples of PGK Sales Specialists include the following:

  • Community Engagement Sales Specialists
  • Fundraiser Sales Specialists
  • Pioneer Expansion Sales Specialists

Community Engagement Sales Specialists

PGK Community Engagement Specialists sell and distribute products and services that directly support PGK Youth Empowerment Initiatives and their associated campaigns. The PGK Youth Empowerment Initiatives - the cornerstone of PGK's vision - are as follows:

    • Literacy
    • Health & Fitness
    • Performing & Creative Arts
    • The Environment
    • Multilingual Education
    • S.T.E.A.M.
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Business & Economics

Fundraiser Sales Specialists

PGK Fundraiser Specialists help community organizations, child caregiver organizations, schools, local businesses, private organizations and individuals raise funds for specific causes by partnering them with PGK and providing them access to most of the online PGK catalogue of educational, cutting-edge, interactive, Audio Products, which include educational tools, books, apparel, and music at no cost to the fundraising organizations.

PGK Pioneer Expansion Sales Specialists

A PGK Pioneer Expansion Specialist's primary responsibility is to participate in the initial "Hand Crafting" - that is the initial hands-on creation of - and establishing of new, untested PGK Sales Channels and the operational processes that govern their functionality.  


Their purpose is to acquire data and achieve "Proof of Concept" - that is the validation of a newly established Sales Channel's proper operations - before the decision to activate the channel is finalized. Having demonstrated a willingness to build, explore, and take calculated risks for the sake of improving PGK operations, Pioneer Expansion Specialists are the first to be considered for leadership within newly activated Sales Channels. This process will be introduced into Training and scaled into all Sales Regions.


Because of the inherently risky nature of Hand Crafting and acquiring Proof of Concept in the establishment of new PGK Sales Channels, Pioneer Expansion Specialists receive higher commissions - 35% gross revenue on their sales. Recruiters and Referrers of Pioneer Expansion Specialists also receive a higher commission - 5% of gross revenue as opposed to 3% - on the sales of their referred Pioneer Expansion Specialists during the time frames that the relevant Sales Channels are in Pioneer Expansion Status.

Our Business Model and Practices...

...are also designed so that every PGK Lifestyle Associate has access to nearly unlimited income creation and career advancement. There are no caps on the amount of money you can make with PGK, and the only job you can't ever have is President of the Law Global Enterprises Holdings Company - PGK's managing company.


All PGK Lifestyle Associates are compensated through customized Commissions Packages that include a combination of the following:

  • Sales Commissions
  • Social Media Support Commissions
  • Referral bonuses
  • Recruitment Commissions
  • Talent Discovery Commissions
  • Product Discovery Commissions
  • Talent Discovery Royalties


Commission, Bonus and Royalty Terminology

A Gross revenue commission, bonus or royalty is a percentage of revenue paid before the production and distribution costs are subtracted from the total revenue amount.


A Net revenue commission, bonus or royalty is a percentage of revenue paid after production and distribution costs are subtracted from the total (gross) revenue amount.


A Flat commission, bonus or royalty is a per unit sold payment rate that is not based on a percentage of revenue.


Basic PGK Commission Structure

The basic Commission Structure for all PGK Lifestyle Associates is as follows:

  • Offline Sales
    • 20% gross commission on all sales
    • 5% gross Social Media Support commission
    • 3% gross Direct Referrals commission
    • 5% gross Future Moguls Direct referral bonus
    • All Board of Education and Private Educational Networks commissions are 10% of the gross revenue

What Does PGK Actually Sell...

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